Drone Mapping

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Forest Mapping

Orthophotos (aerial imagery) from Drones reveal forest stand details that are not possible to realize from the ground or satellite imagery.

During cutblock layout those orthophotos help determining areas of interest, and thus also optimize field resource allocation.

Post-harvest orthophotos reveal the scope of the activities, and how they compare to the permitted scope.

Digital Elevation Models

Specific photogrammetry algorithms, and also LiDAR sensors and georeferencing solutions have been developed for lightweight Drone platforms.

Models with resolution < 10 cm are increasingly used for volumetric purposes and earthworks.

Topographic models from photogrammetric algorithms won't properly reveal bare-ground in highly vegetated areas. LiDAR platforms will.

Crop and Vegetation Mapping

Multispectral Sensors onboard drones capture information inaccessible to the unaided human eye. This information reveals crop and vegetation conditions such as hydric stress and biomass.

That kind of information is useful, for instance, to determine irrigation spatial and temporal patterns.

Survey-grade Accuracy

There are now many standard, accessible platforms that provide centimetric accuracy (DJI Phantom RTK; eBee RTK). With the Real-Time and/or Post-Processing Differential Positioning solutions provided by these platforms, we will have your project tightly georeferenced and ready for your engineers to use.

Cell Tower Inspection, L.O.S.

Network Operatiors have used Drones for cell phone tower inspections and feasibility studies for a long time. Highly-detailed photography and 3D models of the Towers are used by inspectors to map the tower occupancy and the state of its components.

Thermal Infrared Inspections

There are two main types of infrared: the near infrared (NIR); and the thermal infrared. While NIR is useful for vegetation health mapping, the thermal infrared is useful for thermal inspections, for example, building thermal efficiency and solar panel condition.

Construction Site Mapping

Engineering project tracking

Landscape video and photo