Our Company
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  • XY-intelligence Spatial Services was created in 2019 and operates out of Burns Lake, BC, Canada. 

  • Our goal is too help with mapping and inspection tasks that may be cumbersome when using traditional methods, but become simple and effective when conducted or complemented with recent imaging and mapping products & technology.

  • We have the logistical capacity to conduct field work in extreme conditions and to quickly deploy in western and northwestern Canada. 

  • Facilitate and simplify Mapping, Imaging, and Inspecting by using state-of-the-art, safer, and cost-effective, technologies and methods.

  • Use low marginal cost services to the benefit of the client.

  • Be fully transparent about the advantages and disadvantages of the methods that we use.

  • Adopt a scientific approach in our methods and deliverables. 

Civil Engineer Surveying
  • We recognize the non-linear nature of many jobs. XY-intelligence will work with costumers to find solutions to their geospatial problems.

  • We have a established collaboration with BC and Federal Land Surveyors for jobs demanding engineering-grade deliverables.

  • We rely on local aerial services for transport to remote areas when quick deployment is necessary or driving is not possible.

  • We collaborate with First Nations, hiring their logistical services and providing opportunities for training.

Sustainability & Safety
  • Part of our mission is to explore and advise on the uses of sustainable technology for the purposes of Mapping, Imaging, and Inspecting. 

  • Underwater Drones can replace divers in most situations and down to virtually unlimited depths. This includes mechanical work (cutting, moving, washing) on submerged structures.

  • We comply with the regulatory frameworks for the operation of remotely piloted aircrafts and watercrafts.